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  • Saving Lives: Frontline Medicine in a Century of Conflict
    13th October 2012
    This major new exhibition examines war and medicine from the First World War onwards, exploring the efforts made to save lives ami...
  • Tatton Park Biennial: Flights of Fancy
    12th May 2012
    The inaugural exhibition in 2008 set the scene for future Biennials in 2010 and 2012, with a commitment to place, site and multipl...
  • Monsters of the Id
    11th February 2012
    Responding to David Cotterrell’s civilian experiences of Afghanistan, this new body of work explores the contradiction betwe...
  • Uncontainable : Broken Stillness
    14th October 2011
    ISEA 2011 curator, Lanfranco Aceti used the title “UNCONTAINABLE” as an umbrella term for a series of independently cu...
  • Dislocations
    12th September 2011
    In collaboration with the ISEA2011, Istanbul, International Symposium on Electronic Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb ope...
  • Wake
    26th June 2011
    Six artists held a sequence of week-long mini-residencies in Dilston Grove. Each artist chose the artist to succeed him or her and...
  • War and Medicine (Canada)
    26th May 2011
    War inflicts terrible physical and mental injuries. Medical practitioners try to save lives, manage disease and rehabilitate the w...
  • SlipStream
    24th May 2011
    Peckham Space presents Slipstream, a specially commissioned film from artist David Cotterrell, which maps social, geographical and...
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