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Presentations, Interviews and panel discussions. Click on an item for more detailed information about each talk.
TED : How I Almost Lost My Faith in Photography (v) In Conversation : David Cotterrell and Helen Sloan (v) David Cotterrell and Dr David Dibosa : Artist Talk (v) Jerwood : Artists' Opportunities (a) Tate : Practice as Research (a) RUSI : Subjective Views (a) Artist's Story - David Cotterrell BBC Radio 4 : The Two Minute Silence (a) David Cotterrell Film Screening Bearing witness: the role of war artists in the 21st century Bridging the Gap (v) Structural Video Searchlight Book Launch It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (v) What we do Rob Smith in conversation with David Cotterrell & Siobhan Davies David Cotterrell in Conversation David Cotterrell War and Medicine Army medics on the front-line (v) CNN : Another Side of War BBC Radio 4 Today : Injury and Conflict (a) Value Addled Culture and Consequence Culture in a Time of Conflict (a) Shared Territory The Privilege of the Outsider (v) Art in Hostile Environments (or a painter's megalomania) David Cotterrell: Selected Works How was it for you? David Cotterrell on Afghanistan (v) Creative Question Time Interactivity in Conceptual Art Appropriation of Modernism Critiquing Process Ecological Perspective on Rapid Development in China - the Importance of the Spaces in Between Creative Clusters 2006: Mainstreaming Creativity (Curator) South Facing NASA, an Outsider's View Architecture
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