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  • Army medics on the front-line (v)
    17th December 2008
    An interview describing recollections of time spent in Helmand province, recorded and formatted into an on-line slide-show by the ...
  • CNN : Another Side of War
    8th December 2008
    A short interview conducted by Nic Robertson, within the Wellcome exhibition, War and Medicine, for the CNN : International C...
  • BBC Radio 4 Today : Injury and Conflict (a)
    25th November 2008
    The subject of injured soldiers was addressed in a new exhibition, 'War and Medicine'. The artist David Cotterrell photographed me...
  • David Cotterrell on Afghanistan (v)
    30th November 2007
    A video interview conducted by the Wellcome Collection shortly after returning from a month long residency with the Joint Forces M...
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