The Healing Environment

Venue: Operating Theatres and Recovery Wards, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Curators: The Kings Fund
Date: 25th April 2003

Computer controlled lightwork. Commissioned by the Kings Fund to develop new work for Great Ormond Street Hospital and advise on redesign of Operating theatre preparation and recovery areas.

The project was developed through a Kings Fund, Enhancing the Healing Environment (EHE) award.

The aim of this innovative grants and development programme is to encourage and enable local Trust teams to work in partnership with service users to improve the environment in which they deliver care and consists of two main elements

  • A development programme for a nurse led, multidisciplinary Trust team.
  • A grant fo the team to undertake a project to improve their patient environment.

Great Ormond Street hospital was within the first 48 hospitals to trial the scheme. By spring 2008 150 teams from 138 NHS Trusts, two hospices and six HM prisons will have joined the programme and over 1,500 staff and patients will have been involved in improving their healthcare environment.

The artwork was developed with the collaboration and assistance of Ray Dolby of Control Lighting.