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  • Transmission: Host
    This chapbook documents the relationships between Breda Beban and David Cotterrell's works and explores possible common themes in...
  • Searchlight
    Searchlight is the story of a politically influential art event. Offering an alternative public art model to the monumental sculpt...
  • Krieg und Medizin
    A German language publication produced to coincide with the launch of the Krieg und Medizin exhibition at the Deutsches Hygiene Mu...
  • War and Medicine
    This richly ilustrated book is published to coincide with exhibition War and Medicine, organised by Wellcome Collection, London, i...
  • Arts and Regeneration
    The arts and artists have a long history of contributing to places and communities experiencing change. The arts in their many for...
  • Arcade: Artists And Place-Making
    The role of the artists in the context of urban environments is becoming even more central to both art practice and urban planning...
  • Artist Links 2002-2006
    The book presents an overview of all the projects that have taken place between 2002-2006 that were supported by Artist Links in b...
  • The Impossible Project
    The first book to chronicle the work of British artist David Cotterrell, The Impossible Project explores Cotterrell's fascination ...
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