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  • Slipstream
    With support from Peckham Space, Cotterrell worked with a small group of Peckham residents to chronicle their memories of the vist...
  • Transmission: Host
    This chapbook documents the relationships between Breda Beban and David Cotterrell's works and explores possible common themes in...
  • Krieg und Medizin
    A German language publication produced to coincide with the launch of the Krieg und Medizin exhibition at the Deutsches Hygiene Mu...
  • Bloody Reality
    Article published within The Guardian G2 Supplement on the 25th November, 2008. The photo-essay was included to offer context to t...
  • War and Medicine
    This richly ilustrated book is published to coincide with exhibition War and Medicine, organised by Wellcome Collection, London, i...
  • Art in the Danger Zone
    Commissioned photo-essay for RSA Journal. Artists are providing new perspectives on the subject of war, says RSA head of arts Mic...
  • Dead Reckoning: William Bligh
    A catalogue that offers both an account of William Bligh's life and death, and discusses Cotterrell's work Latitude; an immersive ...
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