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Individual artworks commissioned by public realm, galleries and alternative spaces. Click an item for more details.
Mirror III (v) The Wall Mirror II (v) Automotivation Babel (v) Mirror I (v) Mazar, Texas (v) The Ostrich Effect (v) In Other Worlds, I Love You Observer Effect 1010 (v) SlipStream (v) Hill33 1-25 An Airman's Ecstasy Gateway Serial Loop (v) For Frank Green Room (v) 9-Liner (v) Theatre (v) Home Front Roadrunner Little Sheep The Debating Society Searchlight (v) The Hackney Flyover Realty : London (v) Model Junction No1 Underworld (v) South Facing Hero (v) Latitude (v) Skylight (v) Macroscope Fresco Field Foreign Body Solid State Memory GEV III : Weather System (v)
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