Dead Reckoning

Venue: Museum of Garden History, London, United Kingdom
Curators: Danielle Arnaud Jordan Kaplan Phillip Norman
Date: 1st March 2005

A temporary exhibition mounted in conjunction with the 250th anniversary of the birth of Captain William Bligh, who is buried in the Museum of Garden History’s grounds and was a local resident in North Lambeth, Dead Reckoning links visual art practice, historical research and museological display with critical, investigative writing and curatorial practice.

Continuing Parabola and the Museum of Garden History’s dedication to producing multi disciplinary displays, publications and contemporary art commissions, the exhibition aims to explore both the fact and fantasy surrounding Bligh’s life. Artist David Cotterrell will construct a ‘simulation’ of Bligh’s historic 5,800km open boat journey taken in the HMS Bounty’s lifeboat. Directly informed by the anecdotal and navigational notes taken from Bligh’s log, Cotterrell’s panoramic first-person view, not unlike a flight simulator, will chart the shifting horizon witnessed by Bligh and his companions on their travels. This work will form the visual focal point of the exhibition. Displayed on a recently developed prismatic screen material that enables the viewer to see projections in full daylight, the installation will allow visitors to experience an immersive space merging with the several separate elements of the entirety of the exhibition.