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Washington Spectator : Engines of War Frieze : Tatton Park Biennial 2012 WVR : Monsters of the Id Furtherfield : David Cotterrell's Monsters of the Id Huffington Post : Monsters of the Id Explores Expectations and Disorientation in a Virtual World Guardian Guide : This week's new exhibitions Guardian : The Beautiful South, A Walking Tour Around Peckham's Art Scene AAJ Press : Hill33 BBC : Hill33 (v) Yorkshire Post : The Silence That Still Resonates : Reversed Images Art Monthly : War and Medicine fugitiveink : Salutary truth: 'War and Medicine' at the Wellcome Collection artsandecologyblog : David Cotterrell - Truth in the mundane Student British Medical Journal : War and Medicine Wall Street Journal : London art : Aesthetic distance The Big Issue : Tools of Combat Lancet : The complexity of medicine and war : ..staggering history of suffering Guardian : War and Medicine, London Sunday Telegraph : Conflict under the knife Financial Times : Battle on two fronts : War and Medicine : Saving lives and losing lives : War + Medicine British Medical Journal: War: what is it good for? : War, what is it good for? Health Service Journal : Matter of life or death : War and medicine on the front line : Theatre artsandecologyblog : Afghanistan - art and war Guardian G2 : Where science and art are encouraged to meet : Artist explores war and medicine Saturday Review : War and Medicine : The uneasy link between war and medicine The Times : A painful vision of healing in wartime BBC Radio 4 : Start the Week (a) museums and heritage : War artists trip to Afghanistan Amelia's Magazine : David Cotterrell
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