Guardian : The Beautiful South, A Walking Tour Around Peckham's Art Scene

Publication Title: The Guardian
Writer: Laura Barnett
Publication Date: 24th June 2011

...I spend a good while inside the Peckham Space, housed in a brand-new, lurid-green cube opposite Peckham Library. The gallery commissions artists to work with local community groups; the current project, Slipstream, a video installation by artist David Cotterrell, is fascinating. Projected on one wall is a bird's-eye view of Peckham rooftops, filmed using a camera strapped to a remote-control helicopter, then flown at the height of the old walkways on the now-demolished North Peckham estate. On another wall, a street-map of the old estate plots the helicopter's journey; here, too, local people are invited to record their memories of the estate, with the recordings then matched to the relevant place on the map. It's a chance to see beyond the estate's notorious reputation, and I find it rather moving...

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