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Individual artworks commissioned by public realm, galleries and alternative spaces. Click an item for more details.
  • 1-25
    16th June 2010
    1:25 is a modular, miniature artwork suggesting children’s toys like Brio, Lego and Meccano.
  • 1010 (v)
    26th June 2011
    A temporary three channel algorithmically generated projection.
  • 9-Liner (v)
    21st November 2008
    A 25 minute, three channel, video installation exposing the abstraction of experience within conflict.
  • An Airman's Ecstasy
    16th May 2010
    A live broadcast, sub-titled film documenting gliders over the historic airfield at RAF Cranwell
  • Aqueduct
    1st June 2001
    Temporary projection onto the underbelly of the Westway
  • Automotivation
    8th August 2015
    An autonomous slot-car race track with 20-55 race cars micro-simulating patterns of behaviour within congested traffic systems
  • Babel (v)
    8th August 2015
    Babel is a 3D projection of a simple closed-system created within a game engine. The work depicts an infinitely expanding highway ...
  • Borrowed Time (v)
    30th August 1997
    A train thunders at great speed towards the audience, a projection on gas creating a near supernatural phenomena
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