9-Liner (v)

Date: 21st November 2008

A 25 minute, three channel, video installation exposing the abstraction of experience within conflict.

9-Liner explores the dislocation between the parallel experiences of casualties within theatre. It is a quiet study of a dramatic event: the attempt to bring an injured soldier to the tented entrance of the desert field hospital. The screens show apparently unrelated information. JCHAT - a silent scrolling codified message - runs on a central screen. Our interpretation of it is enabled through its relationship between one of two radically different but equally accurate views of the same event. To the left we see the Watchkeeper - a soldier manning phones and reading computer screens in a crowded office. On the right we view the MERT flight - the journey of the Medical Emergency Response Team in a Chinook helicopter.


2 Channel HD-Video and Single-Channel custom software text reader.