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  • Krieg und Medizin
    4th April 2009
    War and Medicine: Its hard to imagine more contradictory disciplines. On the one hand the destructive power and the human misery o...
  • Aqua Art Miami
    4th December 2008
    New work presented by Danielle Arnaud contemporary art at Aqua Art Miami, to coincide with the Miami Basel art fair.
  • War and Medicine
    21st November 2008
    War and Medicine: 150 Years of Life and Loss New work by contemporary artist David Cotterrell was unveiled for the first time as ...
  • CineCity
    20th November 2006
    The 4th edition of CINECITY presented a range of international cinema and features a global mix of premieres and previews, treasur...
  • The Art of Regeneration
    1st June 2006
    This exhibition illustrating the process of involving public artist, David Cotterrell, as part of the design team for the new soci...
  • Unicorn Development
    7th December 2005
    The new £13m Unicorn Theatre, the first ever purpose built professional theatre for children in central London, included ins...
  • Flux
    21st October 2005
    A multi-dimensional arts exhibition called Flux. Organised by Illuminate Productions it brought together a group of international ...
  • Dead Reckoning
    1st March 2005
    A temporary exhibition mounted in conjunction with the 250th anniversary of the birth of Captain William Bligh, who is buried in t...
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