Home Front

Home Front

Date: 4th July 2008
Dimensions(m) 0.6, 1.8, 0.6

A project questioning the authority of technology. In a darkened space, Home Front offers an unusual perception of a domestic environment.

I experience a mediated version of reality. I effortlessly visit foreign lands and witness other society’s trauma through my television. I read synthesized edited narratives on the internet and I listen to analysis and testament on the radio. My film has become video and my camera is digital, the light reflected from the objects and people that I am viewing no longer enters my eyes. It is instead, interrupted by a CCD. A new image is created by a microprocessor and introduced to my eyes for review. The image is no longer primary experience; it has instead become a technologically synthesized interpretation of a reality that I believe still exists beyond the viewfinder.

My understanding of war, trauma and disaster is a similarly mediated version of reality. The same process interrupts my vision, but the distance between objective light and my eyes is exponentially increased. Home Front simply parodies this trust. A set of naval binoculars has been installed to survey the gallery windows and the world beyond. The world revealed as the binoculars rotate is familiar but not our own. The distant city may be relevant, but the illusionary process of synthesis and mediation is offered as the focus of the enquiry.


Modified Naval Telescope, TFT screens, MacMini and Software.

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