Interact Artists Fellowship

Interact Artists Fellowship

Awarding Body: Arts Council England
Date Awarded: 31st March 2007 - Date Completed: 30th November 2007

Fellowship to collaborate with SEOS on research into the potential for immersive environments (2007-2008).

This fellowship was facilitated through the final collaborative relationship of the Arts Council England Interact scheme. The scheme enabled artists and industry partners to engage in a period of funded but open-ended research to identify shared concerns and support mutual exchange of ideas and skills.

SEOS (now Rockwell Collins) is one of the world's most advanced developers of simulation technology. The optical and digital processes refined within the UK-based research and development facility are employed within aviation simulation and other related industries that require the most exacting approximation of primary visual experiences. The period of the residency coincided with a time of great structural change at Rockwell Collins, but still enabled an inspiring and exploratory collaborative relationship.

Immersive artwork produced for the Wellcome Collection, War and Medicine exhibition was influenced by the fellowship and the development of a new body of work seeking to explore the potential for the synthesis of emotional responses to sublime landscape is now progressing with an Arts Council Production Grant and continuing support from Rockwell Collins.

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