David Cotterrell on Afghanistan (v)

David Cotterrell on Afghanistan (v)

Event Name: Wellcome Interview
Venue/Location: YouTube
Date: 30th November 2007
Supporting Organisation(s):
Wellcome Trust, J4MED Group

A video interview conducted by the Wellcome Collection shortly after returning from a month long residency with the Joint Forces Medical Group in Helmand Province.

David Cotterrell's installation 'Theatre', part of the 'War and Medicine' exhibition at Wellcome Collection, was developed following his visit to the country in November 2007 with the help of the Ministry of Defence and the support of the Wellcome Trust. Here he discusses what he saw while in Afghanistan and how his understanding of war is much more complex - and unresolved - following his time there.

A transcript of this interview is available as a pdf document here.

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