David Cotterrell : Kino Eye

David Cotterrell : Kino Eye

Date: 25th November 2009
Copyright Status: © David Cotterrell & Breda Beban

This downloadable chapbook documents the relationships between Breda Beban and David Cotterrell's works and explores possible common themes in terms of subject matter and the choices of vocabulary used to articulate perceptions of extreme environments.

This publication was produced as one of a series of chapbooks derived from an annual lecture series, Transmission: Host, organised by Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.

There are sixteen sixteen-page books in the series, each conceived by host and guest, collated in a card binder. The chapbooks are published by Artwords, London, 2009, and designed by Alan Rutherford. ISBN 978–1–906441–18–0.

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