Bearing witness: the role of war artists in the 21st century

Event Name: Queen and Country Talks Programme
Venue/Location: Headgate Theatre, Colchester
Date: 26th October 2009

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Chair/Other Speakers:
Jes Fernie (Chair), Paul Seawright, David Cotterrell

Internationally acclaimed artists Paul Seawright and David Cotterrell were in conversation with Jes Fernie, curator at firstsite, about their experiences of working in Afghanistan as representatives of the Imperial War Museum and the Wellcome Trust.

Seawright visited Afghanistan in 2002 where he created Hidden, a powerful series of photographs which depict minefields and battle sites devoid of people, highlighting the fact that so much of the conflict in Afghanistan is invisible. Cotterrell spent time in Helmand Province with the Joint Forces Medical Group in 2007 witnessing operations on combat trauma victims in the field hospital at Camp Bastion.