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  • 1010 (v)
    26th June 2011
    A temporary three channel algorithmically generated projection.
  • An Airman's Ecstasy
    16th May 2010
    A live broadcast, sub-titled film documenting gliders over the historic airfield at RAF Cranwell
  • Theatre (v)
    21st November 2008
    An immersive projection of an aeromed flight from Camp Bastion to Kandahar
  • Little Sheep
    2nd May 2008
    A series of interventions seeking to challenge perceptions of manufactured landscape and its hierachy of elements and views.
  • Searchlight (v)
    15th March 2007
    Disembodied shadows move through a projected searchlight in a square in Sunderland
  • Realty : London (v)
    30th May 2006
    For Sale or Lease, Bijou Property with 360 degree views of water
  • Latitude (v)
    10th April 2005
    An immersive reconstruction of William Bligh's open boat navigation of 5800 miles on the Pacific Ocean
  • Field
    11th August 2003
    Video installation on Lieutenant Buckley's commemorating plaque, showing the artist motionless on the site of Waterloo Battle
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