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  • Monsters of the Id
    11th February 2012
    Responding to David Cotterrell’s civilian experiences of Afghanistan, this new body of work explores the contradiction betwe...
  • SlipStream
    24th May 2011
    Peckham Space presents Slipstream, a specially commissioned film from artist David Cotterrell, which maps social, geographical and...
  • Hill33
    9th October 2010
    Working with the 100 Field Squadron of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers to build the work, the artist has realised one of t...
  • Aesthetic Distance
    9th January 2009
    Aesthetic Distance is David Cotterrell’s third solo exhibition with Danielle Arnaud. After two years of negotiations between...
  • South Facing
    11th November 2005
    Tower blocks, traffic police and visions for a problematised Utopia are presented in South Facing, David Cotterrell’s second...
  • Dead Reckoning
    1st March 2005
    A temporary exhibition mounted in conjunction with the 250th anniversary of the birth of Captain William Bligh, who is buried in t...
  • Reference Frame
    10th September 2003
    David Cotterrell’s first solo exhibition, Reference Frame, explores themes of approximation and translation in the process o...
  • Paranoia of a London Attache Case
    5th September 1996
    Solo Exhibition in the Frank Pick Gallery presenting the installation of the same name.
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