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  • A Splash of Colour
    Faced with the task of consulting with a diverse community of 55,000 people in East Birmingham, architects and urbanists Shillam +...
  • Arcade: Artists And Place-Making
    The role of the artists in the context of urban environments is becoming even more central to both art practice and urban planning...
  • Art and Ideas
    The show opened on Friday August 4th with an accordion hootenanny by ‘Silky Toss’ of Breman, Germany in her Wild West ...
  • Art in the Danger Zone
    Commissioned photo-essay for RSA Journal. Artists are providing new perspectives on the subject of war, says RSA head of arts Mic...
  • Artist Links 2002-2006
    The book presents an overview of all the projects that have taken place between 2002-2006 that were supported by Artist Links in b...
  • Arts and Regeneration
    The arts and artists have a long history of contributing to places and communities experiencing change. The arts in their many for...
  • Beck's Futures 2002
    Beck's has been a major sponsor and a commissioner of cutting-edge art since 1985. The book is a presentation of the work of the a...
  • Bloody Reality
    Article published within The Guardian G2 Supplement on the 25th November, 2008. The photo-essay was included to offer context to t...
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