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  • Bloody Reality
    Article published within The Guardian G2 Supplement on the 25th November, 2008. The photo-essay was included to offer context to t...
  • War and Medicine
    This richly ilustrated book is published to coincide with exhibition War and Medicine, organised by Wellcome Collection, London, i...
  • Art in the Danger Zone
    Commissioned photo-essay for RSA Journal. Artists are providing new perspectives on the subject of war, says RSA head of arts Mic...
  • Machinic Alliances
    Descartes said that animals were like machines, mechanical clocks without reason. Today we have travelled far from this view in ou...
  • Map Games: Dynamics of change
    Map Games was published alongside the exhibition in the Today Museum in China. The exhibiting artists created work that focused on...
  • Tatton Park Biennial
    The inaugural Tatton Park Biennial is accompanied by this catalogue, presenting both art works and artists as well as information ...
  • Arts and Regeneration
    The arts and artists have a long history of contributing to places and communities experiencing change. The arts in their many for...
  • Eurasia One
    Today when people talk about the increasing exchanges between the regions, "Globalization" is the optimistic keyword. Ho...
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