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  • Google
    Google-based search for related materials throughout the web.
  • Hydar Dewachi
    Hydar Dewachi is a photographer, artist and engineer based in London. He worked for over ten years in the fields of technology and creativity.  
  • Maggie Bolt Associates
    Maggie Bolt Associates is a multidisciplinary public art consultancy. Founded in 2010, they work to create successful strategies for high quality public art activity.
  • Parabola
    Commissioning body, specialising in promoting emerging artists and their practice.
  • Public Art Online
    A unique public art information site, which provides guidance and examples of public art practice from around the UK and internationally.
  • Red Leader
    A London-based web design agency responsible for the development and realisation of this site.
  • Research Studios
    A highly influential design agency founded by Neville Brody and Fwa Richards in 1994. Research Studios was responsible for the exhibition publicity for Art in Sacred Spaces.
  • Rhizome
    Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
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