Venue: The Museum of Garden History, London, United Kingdom
Curators: Danielle Arnaud
Date: 10th June 2002


Suky Best, Ellen Bigge, Clare Bryan, Annie Cattrell, Lisa Cheung, Edith Dekyndt, Peter Dukes, Judith Frost, Dan Howard-Birt, Theo Kaccoufa, Sophie Lascelles, Laura Malacart, Charlie Murphy, Alex Sandover, Kate Scrivener, Finlay Taylor, Adam Thompson, Shane Waltener, Jakob Wegener, Laura White, Emma Woffenden

23 artists presented new work drawing from the contents and commenting on the role and specific location of the Museum of Garden History. In the museum itself the artists frequently integrated their work within the displays. This exhibition was coordinated by Danielle Arnaud contemporary art, was part of the Vauxhall Festival and was supported by Lambeth Riverside Partnership.

David Cotterrell installed his new video Shangrila in a vitrine. The work celebrated the suburban 1930’s housing highlighting the creativity, flamboyance and quiet struggle of the owners to assert their identity within the rigidly defined parameters of the mass-produced terraced houses and gardens. The video was accompanied by a new composition by the musician and composer Jim Copperthwaite. The whole installation was designed to serve as an extension to the history of the archetypal English garden.