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Museum & gallery exhibitions, public commissions, art fairs and festivals. Click an item for more details.
MapGames: Dynamics of Change (Beijing) Tatton Park Biennial (v) Shanghype (Prague) Eastern Standard: Western Artists in China Shanghype (Shanghai) Driven by Cars Eurasia One Searchlight Shanghype (Turin) Remote Control Grind CineCity What Happens? Core Less Travelled Art and Ideas The Art of Regeneration Platform for Urban Investigation Unicorn Development South Facing Guardami Flux Fathom Handluggage 2005 Dead Reckoning Grey Goo Tempered Ground Tape 291 Urban Networks Il Palazzo Delle Liberta Reference Frame Exhumed The Healing Environment Hand Luggage Video Invitational Art 2003 Artissima Beck's Futures 2002 (Sheffield)
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