Date: 20th September 2001
Dimensions(m) 1.5, 0.5, 0.5

A spatial intervention of Light house resembling CCTV camera registering the space and the audience inside

Lighthouse was shown as part of the exhibition ‘High Fidelity’ at the Red Gallery, Hull. Within a darkened room a custom built CCTV camera was installed and set to pan left and right at a slow rate to survey the entire space. The room was illuminated solely by the glow of the infra red light attached to the camera. As the camera panned, a soft halo of light traced the edges of the gallery, gently illuminating the audience. The image was returned to two monitors, one within the room and one at the entrance to the gallery. When viewed on these monitors, the audience were no longer dimly lit but cast into a stark world of involuntary exposure. Lighthouse was designed to discuss the relationship between the the zealously protective endeavours of the city and the citizens’ own claims to privacy.


Motorised CCTV Camera, Infra-Red Light, Tripod & Monitors

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