Transmission: Host (2009)

Transmission: Host (2009)

Writer: David Cotterrell
Editor: Sharon Kivland

Publisher: Artwords Press
ISBN: 978-1-906441-18-0
Pages: 14 per chapbook (B&W)

This chapbook documents the relationships between Breda Beban and David Cotterrell's works and explores possible common themes in terms of subject matter and the choices of vocabulary used to articulate perceptions of extreme environments.

"Transmission: Host is a series of chapbooks derived from an annual lecture series organised by Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. Each week a host invites his or her guest and a critical engagement is assumed. There is an ethic of hospitality: a host has a standard of conduct, and historically, hospitality has been seen as a code, a duty, a virtue and a law. In 2008-9 we take up the idea of the stranger. "Stranger" implies one who is not known, but also incorporates the foreigner, or indeed, the odd/ eccentric/ uncanny. Following Jacques Derrida, the stranger is one who is irreconcilably 'other' to oneself, but with whom one may co-exist without hostility, to whom one must respond and to whom one is responsible. The stranger reminds one of the other at the heart of one's being."

Sharon Kivland

The bound edition of Host 2009 may be purchased direct from Artwords Press here.

The chapbook may now also be downloaded here.

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