BBC4 : Beck's Futures 2002 (v)

BBC4 : Beck's Futures 2002 (v)

Event Name: BBC4
Date: 10th July 2002
Chair/Other Speakers:
Phillip Dodd, Sarah Kent, Rachel Campbell-Johnston

A short TV interview, documentary and extracts from a panel discussion focusing on the work, Borrowed Time installed at the ICA, London for the 2002 Beck's Futures Prize exhibition

This programme was one of a series broadcast by the BBC to introduce the work of the Beck's finalists to a broader audience. Each of the artists were interviewed for the programmes. This clip focused on David Cotterrell and his work Borrowed Time, which was reinstalled at the ICA for the first stage of the touring group exhibition.

It is followed by extracts from a panel discussion involving the director of the ICA, Phillip Dodd, Time Out Arts Editor, Sarah Kent and the Times Newspaper's Chief Art Critic, Rachel Campbell-Johnston. The discussion chaired by Samira Ahmed exposes the polarised response that the exhibition that year, had generated within the British press.

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