Beck's Futures 2002 (2002)

Beck's Futures 2002 (2002)

Writer: Phillip Dodd, Sacha Craddock, Liam Gillick and others.
Editor: Clare Manchester

Publisher: ICA London
ISBN: 1-900300-36-2
Pages: 80 (Colour)

Beck's has been a major sponsor and a commissioner of cutting-edge art since 1985. The book is a presentation of the work of the artists that were finalists for the Beck's Futures Award 2002. They were: David Cotterrell, Kirsten Glass, Paul Hosking, Rachel Lowe, Toby Paterson, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, Dan Perfect, Neil Rumming, Hideyuki Sawayanagi, Tom Wood.

In its third year, Beck's Futures was the UK’s largest annual arts award that supports artists early on in their careers through the inclusion of their work in a major exhibition. This publication was produced to coincide with the opening of the Beck's Futures exhibition at the ICA in March 2002. The selection of artists, made by an independent jury, includes 11 artists working in a wide variety of media including painting, film, video, installation, sculpture and photography. The publication is fully illustrated and includes newly commissioned texts by a selection of writers, artists and critics.

The book is available through Cornerhouse via this link.

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