: David Cotterrell - The Impossible Project : David Cotterrell - The Impossible Project

Publication Title:
Writer: Jonathan Carter
Publication Date: 31st October 2003

The work of artist David Cotterrell, in a book.

This is the first book to chronicle the work of the much underrated British artist, David Cotterrell. From his specially adapted fruit machine which gambles with words (10p per go - "I Love You" wins £1.50, "Nobody Loves Everybody" wins £4, etc), to Prototype II (two .45 Magnums firing down each other’s barrels), via the best thing at Beck’s Futures 2002, Borrowed Time, when he projected film of an oncoming train onto a ghostly "screen" of dry ice. Perfect. And when/if the accompanying texts from various eclectic luminaries take themselves a little too seriously, you can always look at the pictures.

The Impossible Project is out now, published by Black Dog Publishing.

Jonathan Carter

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