1010 (v)

Date: 26th June 2011
Dimensions(m) 6, 33,

A temporary three channel algorithmically generated projection.

Produced during an intensive week-long residency at Dilston Grove London, the project was a response to the unusual venue, and the context of a wider project, 'Wake'.

Wake involved six sequential residencies, where each artist was influenced by and allowed to manipulate the materials and content of the preceding artists' interventions.

1010, followed Anne Bean's and Will Cobbings earlier installations and re-orientated the space, through the introduction of an array of ceiling mounted projectors overlaying an infinitely variable generative pattern across a surface comprised of 100km of yellow ribbon. 

The geometric pattern, was developed from illustrations prepared by the artist Simeon Nelson. These illustrations derived from gothic wood-carving designs, were reduced to 'tiles' and then continuously reassembled in real-time by software developed by Cotterrell.

The imagery, fragmented and abstracted across the undulating surface of the tape, referenced, more organic experiences  perhaps witnessed in the dappling of light through the canopy of trees, or the reflection of the sky in the surface of moving water.

Wake was supported by Café Gallery Projects, Arts Admin & Arts Council England


3-Channel HD Projection, MacPro, Matrox Image-Splitter, Custom software, Nylon Tape.

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