Collaborators: Alberto Duman
Date: 20th September 2000
Dimensions(m) 2.5, 4.0, 4.0

A sonic environment in public space, processing and altering sounds that were picked up into an ambient sound

Collaborative work by David Cotterrell and Alberto Duman Voice Over was commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts as the organisation’s PEACE (Public Electronic Art Commission Exposition) Project and was launched on July, 29th 2000. Within a 9m2 site of public land in the area adjacent to the new HTBA site, the installation was designed to create a sonic environment in which all incoming sound is digitally altered. The processed ambient sound is then relayed back to the transient audience, subtly shifting perceptions of scale and space. Within the confines of this virtual enclosure - delineated by only four posts - the public are invited to experience themselves in the midst of the city’s bustling centre while invisibly fenced off from the outside world’s sonic resonance. ‘Voice Over’ is a chance to rediscover one’s own public surroundings though a shifting audio landscape, a vacuum which anyone can populate with their own notions of peace.


Concrete, Signal Processing Equipment, Microphones and Speakers

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