Date: 10th September 2001

Interactive projection of three local Fransciscan Friars onto the walls of a de-consecrated chutch in the Gorbals

Reliquary was made as the precursor to The Debating Society. Working with Heisenberg, Journeymen and the architect, David Page, the continuing project will be integral to a major regeneration of the Gorbals area of Glasgow. The installation Reliquary was created to coincide with the local Gorbals Fair and was intended as a catalyst to local discussion and involvement in the scheme. Projected on to the sandstone walls of the former Friary (now deconsecrated and renamed the St Francis Centre) was a quiet narrative involving three of the local Franciscan Friars of the order who until recent years had been resident in the building. The facets of the building were activated by the friars reading, congregating and watching. The moving images of the friars were directed to the various locations of the exterior through the use of a synchronised computer controlled mirror.


Data projector, DMX controlled mirror, Scancommander lighting desk & C19th Friary

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