Closing Down

Closing Down

Collaborators: Jeremy Birkett, Todd Hanson, Claire White
Date: 20th August 1997
Dimensions(m) 2.0, 6.0, 4.0

A collaborative work in which an abandoned pub is turned into a mock-Tudor canopy

Closing Down was a collaborative site-specific installation housed in a vacant pub in Broadway Market, Hackney. Local rumours suggested that the business had closed after a violent fire-arms attack. In this loaded and decaying context the four artists invited by Mazorca to show existing work for a festival agreed that it would be inappropriate to deny the unusual context and elected to develop a work in response to the building.

The result was a mock-tudor canopy that extended the structure of the bar to an absurd level. A 3cm gap was left between the public and private parts of the establishment and this was obscured by lines of soiled glasses. All of the light within the room was achieved by the glow from within the bar through this variable lens. Within the enclosed area, fans moved objects around and the answerphone machine was fitted with a tape-loop which continuously played a Tammy-Wynett verse.


Wood, Paint, Glass & Tapeloop

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