Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Curators: Kate Pryor-Williams
Date: 23rd September 2010

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Simon Norfolk, Paul Seawright, Langlands & Bell, Cornford & Cross, Fazal Sheikh

Afghanistan has been at the centre of British politics for the last decade. It’s presence in society and it being forefront in the news and media has lead us as a nation to make certain assumption about the place and its people, assumptions that this exhibition contradict.

This exhibition brings forth and uses the talents of a range of contemporary artists to create visual representations and responses to Afghanistan and also highlights elements of historical context surrounding the conflict. ‘Afghanistan’ separates itself from the media coverage of this issue and develops their own perspectives on the people, landscape and politics of this war ridden country.

The aim of the exhibition was to give an opportunity to open up thoughts and perceptions about Afghanistan. However it also allowed the opportunity to compare this work to works from throughout the Gallery. The Art Gallery’s acquisitions policy has a strategy to collect works based on the theme of conflict and, for many years, has collected politically and socially themed artwork. 

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