The Edges of Our World

The Edges of Our World

Event Name: Twins : Edge of Empire
Date: 9th March 2017
Supporting Organisation(s):
University of Brighton

Chair/Other Speakers:
Robert Mull (Chair), Grainne Hassett, Kate McAllister, Darren Abrahams & Jayden Ali

A short talk considering property ownership, gated communities and passport hierarchies.

What has the current refugee crises taught us? Where are the edges of our world? What is inside and what is outside? Who is trapped and who is free? Does the volunteering culture help shape the future of practice? A talk delivered as part of 'Twins' - a series of architecture talks exploring difficult alliances, strange bedfellows and new relationships. The event was compered by Robert Mull and included presentations by Grainne Hassett - Calais Builds and University of Limerick, Kate McAllister & Darren Abrahams - Crisis Classrooms & Jayden Ali - Pineapple Island. The event, 'Edge of Empire' took place in Brighton on 9th March, 2017.

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