NASA, an Outsider's View

NASA, an Outsider's View

Event Name: Living Places Conference
Venue/Location: Hull Arc
Date: 26th July 2006
Supporting Organisation(s):
CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) RKL Consultants

Chair/Other Speakers:
Wendy Shillam; Graham Roberts

A seminar intended to provoke those involved in housing provision, housing design and  the creation of vibrant neighbourhoods, into thinking more creatively.

Having met the Hull Gateway team and become familiar with their work, a  forthcoming Pathfinder project was selected and a creative intervention considered. The purpose being to challenge perceptions of ‘the possible’ in terms of the design of houses and/or the spaces between houses. Whilst it was not intended that the proposals will ever be realised they were not too distantly removed from reality and could be conceived as achievable.

The proposals were presented at the Living Places seminar.

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Living Places