Public Art and Development

Public Art and Development

Event Name: Close Proximity Conference
Venue/Location: New Greenham Common, Newbury
Date: 21st May 2005
Supporting Organisation(s):

Chair/Other Speakers:
Murray Anderson; Stephen Beddoe; Boredomresearch; Celine Conderelli; David Cotterell; Sandra Drew; Peter Dunn; Victoria Pomery; Mike Stubbs; Stuart Tagg and Sarah Thelwall

Close Proximity was a two day NAN event organised by Helen Sloan, from SCAN and Jonathan Swain, an artist from Brighton.


"Can anything of any cultural significance survive the Ballardian wipe down sprawl that has infected the South East of England? How are artists responding as a consequence? Have other forms of networks sprung up; survival strategies, pockets of resistance, gang culture, out of town developments? Are these satisfactory? How is this affecting art and the creative industries?" (courtesy SCAN site)


Presentation exploring the dilemmas and opportunities available to artists who elect to engage with architectural development.

Subsequent to the conference, a paper was comissioned by AN to further explore the issues raised for the website and print publication.  Public Art & Compromise.

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