Ghost in the Machine (v)

Ghost in the Machine (v)

Date: 16th July 2021

10 billion automated Zoom connection attempts.

In a landscape of a real or imagined future, an unseen participant obsessively tries to interrupt their isolation by searching the internet for someone like them who may allow him to feel less alone. Referencing the Ray Bradbury short story, ‘Silent Towns’ this algorithmic artwork presents a thwarted search for fellowship from within a visual vernacular that has been a defining context of the past two years. The artwork references the retreat to the virtual haven of an online space. The desperation to challenge isolation and the resilience of hope in maintaining the search for engagement.

Generated in real-time, a simulated interface is coded to attempt connection through each of the ten billion permutations of the zoom-interface. The rhythmic sound of the keyboard is heard and the continuous thwarted attempts are rendered with a simple dismissive prompt before a new numeric address is tested. The artwork runs continuously and iterates indefinitely through its limited potential domain.

The artwork was installed as a single-channel rear-projection for Deptford X, 2021.


Rear projection screen, projector and computer with custom coded software

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