Solid State Memory

Solid State Memory

Date: 5th May 2003
Dimensions(m) 1.1, 0.4, 0.4

Alternative proposal for the historical blue plaques using a local narrative of ordinary people and their experiences

Proposal and designs for a sequential public project. A trail of solid-state, contradictory narrative perspectives from local residents and visitors. Local community members to be brought in for training in audio recording, interview techniques and editing skills in the creation of this work. This project extends an invitation for people to suggest moments and locations to be transformed into places of significance by the act of declaring them. In a counter-proposal to the Blue-Plaques of Kensington and Bloomsbury. The extraordinary moments of ‘ordinary’ lives could be documented with the same reverence and sensitivity as the Victorian monuments to leadership and dynamism that shape our visual understanding of History through the vast array of portraiture and inscriptions which annotate our cities and towns.

I would like to facilitate the initiation of a heritage trail of anecdotes and first hand witness statements. Where the illusionary memory of contributors will be appended to the received history of the area and emphasise the rich and varied experience which the environment of the town has played host to. The trail will include a number of sites, scattered throughout the area, based on the memories and knowledge of local residents. Some of these ‘areas of local interest’ might discuss buildings now demolished and replaced. It is hoped that residents will submit suggestions for special sites to form this heritage trail, places which are significant to individuals, but not necessarily recognised as historically significant. The shop where you bought your first party dress; the pub where you proposed to your wife or the home of a courageous member of the public can all have equal weight with the more recognised historical sites. The markers for the Solid-State Memory will be positioned at points overlooking the sites selected. The markers will be designed to blend in with the surrounding area, whilst still being identifiable as landmarks.

The process, development and designs for this project is documented within the downloadable booklet Ashford Art and Heritage Trail.


Concrete, Solid State Audio Mechanism, Speaker and Piezo Switch

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