World Theatre Forum - 20.02.16

World Theatre Forum - 20.02.16

Date: 20th February 2016

David will participate in the World Theatre Forum at the National School of Drama, Delhi. He will discuss his recent project, Mirror as part of a three day forum bringing together 30 academics, practitioners and theorists from 14 countries and a range of disciplinary backgrounds. The forum is a critical component of the 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav World Theatre Festival taking place in Delhi and at other cities throughout India.


Over the past year, the British visual artist, David Cotterrell has been collaborating with actors and writers to create and propose a series of works titled, ‘Mirror’. These have been devised to consider scenarios and locations that might encourage distance and objectification, whether through perceived risks, hierarchies or social barriers. Intrigued by the idea that the chaos of our lives may be told back to us as a causational sequence of events through the words of others, Cotterrell found himself driven to consider expanding his own vocabulary and working processes. This presentation describes a twelve month journey of discovery from Ireland to India, and from visual to performing art. It is a personal reflection on a search to transcend perceived disciplinary and geographic boundaries and to establish a voice to engage with the empathetic challenges of conflict and the alienating concept of complexity.

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