Pilot 1

Venue: University of Brighton Gallery
Date: 17th March 2016

Kelly Snook

Pilot is a series of exhibitions and events planned to showcase work in progress. The aim is to initiate a public dialogue around the intellectual and creative enquiry of researchers from the University of Brighton and wider community. The work selected to be part of this series is presented in a resolved state but is part of an ongoing and open enquiry. The invitation to audiences and fellow researchers is to engage with the work as a discrete exhibition, installation, event or exposition of ideas at the same time as speculating where the research could lead.

Pilot 1, the first in the series of research gallery productions, introduced two new professors in the College of Arts and Humanities, Professor Kelly Snook and Professor David Cotterrell, through their current work. Pilot 1 provided an opportunity to engage with the research of these two new members of the University of Brighton and the creative community of the city.

Cotterrell's collaborative work, Mirror, was shown at the exhibition.

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