Comox Valley Gallery : Art & Ideas Catalogue

Comox Valley Gallery : Art & Ideas Catalogue

Date: 4th August 2006
Copyright Status: © Comox Valley Art Gallery, the artists and authors.

A downloadable pdf version of the Art and Ideas exhibition catalogue.

The catalogue was edited by Elizabeth Russell and published by Comox Valley Art Gallery in 2006. It featured the work of Eva Bensasson (UK), Sara Bjornsdottir (IS), Jaime Castro (VE), Oliver Comerford (IE), Claudia Firth (UK), John Hooley (CA), Caroline Jones (UK), Diarmuid Kelley (UK), Hatty Lee (UK), Donna Mattila (CA), Madeleine Moore (IE), Samu Raatikainen (FI), Deborah Rigby (UK), Elizabeth Russell (CA), Silke Thoss (DE), Kathy Tycholis (CA), Ed Varney (CA) and included a text by Ann Rosenberg.

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