Eurasia One (2007)

Eurasia One (2007)

Writer: Andrea Neidhoefer, Rolf A. Kluenter, Dr. Christopher Schreier, Dr. Albrecht von der Heyden
Editor: Lisa K. Blatt, Rolf A. Kluenter, Kathy Kuai, Andrea Neidhoefer

Publisher: Timezone 8
ISBN: 0-95499601-1
Pages: 128 (Colour)

Today when people talk about the increasing exchanges between the regions, "Globalization" is the optimistic keyword. However, this kind of exchange refers mostly to the economic exchanges. It has little relation to the hopes that artists like Joseph Beuys pinned on an intensive dialogue between the East and the West. Anyway, for Beuys the exchange didn't cover only simplified products, but rather a deepened transfer of thoughts, of the possibility to correct our Western thinking through a fundamentally different view of reality. While the rationality and the analytical thinking dominate in the Western world, the "Easterners" are, according to Beuys, more strongly led by intuition, by the integrated experiences about the world that transcends all rationality. This sensitivity disappeared in our civilization. According to Beuys' conviction, it is of vital importance to the survival of the human being to retrieve this sensitivity.

Extract from Introduction - or "Yours Sincerely, the Eurasian" by Christoph Schreier.

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