The Impossible Project (2003)

The Impossible Project (2003)

Writer: Caryn Faure Walker, Richard Appignanesi, Danielle Arnaud, Simon Biggs, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Claire Fox, Jordan Kaplan, David Page, Niru Ratnam, Ziauddin Sardar, Juliet Steyn
Editor: Caryn Faure Walker

Publisher: Black Dog Publishing
ISBN: 1-901033-73-2
Pages: 128 (Colour)

The first book to chronicle the work of British artist David Cotterrell, The Impossible Project explores Cotterrell's fascination with technology, politics and romance. Cotterrell's work often pushes the parameters of art and scientific discovery: playing with an acknowledged tradition of eccentric invention, he customs existing technologies to assert new use values. A practice divided between the gallery and the public realm, the differing demands of each intervention are reflected in Cotterrell's sensitivity to site as both location and subject. With an introductory essay by writer and curator Caryn Faure Walker and a preface by Niru Ratnam, The Impossible Project includes specifically commissioned texts from a variety of practitioners, from architects and art theorists to political commentators and scientists, all investigating themes addressed by Cotterrell's unique world view.

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