Hart 2001 (2001)

Hart 2001 (2001)

Writer: Brendan Fletcher
Editor: Espen Jensen

Publisher: Hart
Pages: 38 (Colour)

Catalogue for exhibition which included artists Paul Collinson, Brendan Fletcher, Jayne Jones and Adam Scott. 'Hart 2001' was produced for the exhibition and consisted of 38 pages, 32 with colour plates.


As much as Hart 2001 is about the artwork, it is about artists connections. That is not to discount the artwork, especially as the event has an overall curatorial remit. What is at stake here is a widening and deepening of those connections that may already exist between artists living and working in this city and those that work elsewhere. Why do this?..

...Within the Hart 2001 event there have been six commissions by invited artists who live and work outside the city of Hull. These artists are Pak Keung Wan, David Cotterrell, Simon Hollington & Kypros Kypriano, Tony Stollard, Adrea Gregson and Rupert Clamp. They each present a diversity of concerns and ways of working. They each choose to to live and work somewhere within the UK. 

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