Empathy & Risk : Mexico

Empathy & Risk : Mexico

Awarding Body: HEFCE
Date Awarded: 1st February 2022 - Date Completed: 30th August 2022

Higher Education Funding Council grant to support research residency in Mexico City and Tijuana to consider the political impact of the Southern border of the United States.

Research England’s block grant calculation is made up of distinct elements, each based on different data sets.

Volume and quality are a key determinant in Research England’s mainstream quality-related research funding allocation, accounting for approximately £1.3 billion each academic year. These are measured in the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Alongside QR funding, as part of its wider strategic institutional funding, during the current spending review period (between 2022 to 2023 and 2023 to 2024) Research England is also providing flexible funding for:

enhancing research culture
participatory research
research that supports policy

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