Regeneration and Renewal Award

Regeneration and Renewal Award

Date Awarded: 20th July 2007

Finalist in the ‘Best Use of Planning in Regeneration’ Category.

Regeneration & Renewal editor Richard Garlick said the awards' launch was prompted by the desire to "gather and highlight examples of the most effective schemes that covered the whole range of regeneration, from community renewal and economic development to physical regeneration. We want to reward schemes, organisations and individuals which can objectively be shown to have had a positive impact on places and the communities that live in them."

The awards were designed for three types of entrant: organisations, schemes and individuals, for work carried out or completed between 1 July 2005 and 31 March 2007.  General criteria included: impact on the physical or environmental quality of a place or the economic or social well-being of a community; originality; long-lasting impact, or the potential for long-lasting impact; objective evidence of effectiveness and change; involvement of, and benefit to, local people; replicability; and financial viability.

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